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Candidate Endorsements 2016


Sustainable Waikato has endorsed 13 candidates for the Hamilton City Council including two mayoral candidates, and eight for the Waikato Regional Council in the 2016 elections, it was announced today. They are:

Hamilton City Council:

  • Mayor - Paula Southgate, Chris Simpson;
  • East Ward - Anna Casey-Cox, James Casson, Nick Johnston, John Lockley, Paula Southgate, Philip Yeung;
  • West Ward - Max Coyle, Martin Gallagher, Peter Humphreys, Chris Jordan, Dave MacPherson, Hiki Toroa.

Waikato Regional Council:

  • Hamilton - Lois Livingston, Barry Quayle, Bob Simcock, Guy Sowry, Jo Wrigley;
  • Thames-Coromandel - Brian Habberfield;
  • Waikato - Jennie Hayman, Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai.

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Of the 42 candidates in the 2016 Hamilton City Council election, 27 responded to an emailed questionnaire focussed on sustainability-related issues, and 13 have been endorsed.

From the 24 candidates standing for the Waikato Regional Council, 15 responded and eight have been endorsed.

This year the mayoral candidates for Waikato District Council were invited to take part with three of the five responding to the emailed questionnaire. None of the candidates will be endorsed, primarily due to insufficient available information.

Candidates who have not been endorsed either did not respond to the questionnaire or have provided insufficient evidence to indicate that they have a commitment to a sustainable city, district or region.

The endorsed candidates display principles and practices which support environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. These people think critically, strategically and appreciate the global picture and how it relates to local, regional and national initiatives.

“Our endorsed candidates have provided evidence of a commitment to lead our city and region towards a more sustainable future, backed up by evidence of personal involvement in sustainability-related actions” says spokesperson Dave Campbell from Sustainable Waikato. “There are major sustainability-related issues facing the city and region, including water quality and water use, transport, waste, and reducing our impact on climate. We need councillors who understand how the principles of sustainability apply to all decisions and policies they will decide on” he said.

Sustainable Waikato is a Hamilton-based interest group with an agenda of enhancing the availability of objective, researched information on election candidates and to endorse those who align strongly with key principles critical to the future of the Waikato region. Their vision encompasses nine core ideas for sustainable governance, with a focus on environmental, economic, cultural and social needs. The group evolved from like-minded everyday people wanting to answer the question: “How do you know who to vote for?” as many prospective candidates, particularly first-timers, were not achieving a public profile, especially with regard to their stance on sustainability.

Candidates were endorsed on the basis of their responses to a questionnaire, track record where available, and other publicly available information related to our key principles. This information has been rigorously scrutinised against a set of published key attributes for elected officials by Sustainable Waikato members who have backgrounds in sustainability.

For further information contact SW spokespersons: Steve Schoultz 021 885 656 info@sustainablewaikato.org.nz (available to 21 Sept.)
Dr Dave Campbell 0274 200 274 davecanniep@gmail.com

Read all the questionnaire responses