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Candidate Endorsements 2013


Sustainable Waikato has endorsed 12 candidates for the Hamilton City Council, and 11 for the Waikato Regional Council in the 2013 elections. They are:

Hamilton City Council:
  • Mayor - Dave Macpherson, Julie Hardaker, Ewan Wilson;
  • East Ward - Gordon Chesterman, Peter Humphreys, Rex Bushell, Anjum Rahman, Adrienne Hagan, Margaret Forsyth;
  • West Ward - Ewan Wilson, Holly Snape, Dave Macpherson, Martin Gallagher, Tureiti Moxon.
Waikato Regional Council:
  • Taupo-Rotorua - Rob Henderson;
  • Waipa-King Country - Stu Kneebone, Alan Livingston;
  • Waihou - Norm Barker, Phillip Legg;
  • Hamilton - Lois Livingston, Paula Southgate, Guy Sowry;
  • Nga Hau e Wha - John Paenga;
  • Waikato - Peter Buckley, Dave Currie.

Of the 51 candidates in the 2013 Hamilton City Council election, 30 responded to an emailed questionnaire and 12 have been endorsed. Only one of 5 “New Council New Direction” candidates participated in our questionnaire and this candidate was not endorsed.

From the 38 candidates standing for the Waikato Regional Council, 16 responded and 11 have been endorsed. Six out of eight “One Waikato” candidates responded to the questionnaire and four were endorsed. It was disappointing that only one of the 13 “Rates Control” candidates responded to our invitation to be involved in providing information to the public and this candidate was not endorsed.

Candidates who have not been endorsed either did not respond to the questionnaire or have provided insufficient evidence to indicate that they have a commitment to a sustainable city or region, or possess the attributes we expect in elected representatives.

The endorsed candidates display principles and practices which support environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability. These people think critically, strategically and appreciate the global picture and how it relates to local, regional and national initiatives. “Our endorsed candidates have shown evidence of a commitment to lead our city and region towards a more sustainable future” says Sustainable Waikato spokesperson, Dr Chris Eames. “It was heartening to see, since our last candidate assessment in 2010, that candidates have shown an overall increase in awareness and understanding of sustainability” he said. In particular, Waikato Regional Council endorsed candidates expressed general concerns regarding the proposed changes to the Resource Management Act.

Candidates were endorsed on the basis of their responses to a questionnaire and other publicly available information related to our key principles. This information has been rigorously scrutinised against a set of published criteria by Sustainable Waikato supporters who have backgrounds in sustainability. The assessment process involved a team of a dozen people, who put in a combined 170 hours of work to reach decisions on endorsements.

We would like to thank the following candidates who responded but who we were unable to endorse on the basis of information they have provided to us and the general public:

Hamilton City Council:
  • Mayor – Ian Hanley, Jack Gielen, Tony Dixon;
  • East Ward – Ross MacLeod, Rob Pascoe, Ian Hanley, Philip Yeung, Jamie Strange, Jason Howarth, Jim Parlane, James Casson, Jack Gielen, Matiu Dixon, Tony Dixon, Charlie Gower;
  • West Ward – Peter H Bos, Russelle Knaap, Robin Fletcher, Andrew King, Steve McLennan, Jamie Toko.

Two candidates, Angela O’Leary and Michael West, declined our invitation to participate, and the remaining candidates did not respond at all.

Waikato Regional Council:

Kathy White, Kevin Ferris, Chris Webster, Bob Simcock, Simon Friar.

One candidate, Wendy Baker, declined our invitation to participate, and the remaining candidates did not respond at all.