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Election 2011

Sustainable Waikato chose to be part of the 2011 General Election to determine where the various parties and candidates stood on matters of sustainability. The purpose of this assessment was to improve the level of information available to voters of the Waikato Region. The investigation was made up of two parts. The first was an assessment of evidence available about key party’s perspectives on sustainability. This was guided by our 8 key principles. The second part of the process was the opportunity provided for individual candidates for the Hamilton East and Hamilton West electorates to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks a range of questions designed to better understand the candidates perspective on sustainability and matters of specific interest to the Waikato.

Party Assessment

Publicly available information relating to each party's policies, their understanding of sustainability issues and track record was scored on their alignment with Sustainable Waikato's eight principles and the scores were aggregated. The aggregated score (maximum of 24) was then converted into a percentage to show in relative terms how the different parties rate in terms of sustainability. The evidence relating to the party's policies on our key principles were scored with a simple metric:
-1.0 - Evidence of opposing view
 0.0 - Insufficient evidence to assess
 0.2 - Little evidence
 0.6 - Some evidence
 1.0 - Good evidence

The table below summarises the results of our assessments..

Some parties consistently lead the scoring on matters of sustainability, in particular the Green Party. There was clear evidence that the elements reflected in our principles were reflected in their policy with the highest score attained overall. Labour and the Mana Party also scored well, with the Maori Party close behind. United Future was next in line with NZ First, National and ACT trailing in that order. The best effort was made to obtain information from a range of sources on each party and scores lower than expected may be due to insufficient information or from strong evidence being available that suggested a view in opposition of our key principles. If you would like more information on the scoring and specific matters, you are able to source the individual spreadsheets filled out by volunteers and moderated by a group of Sustainable Waikato members

Candidate Questionnaires

Questionnaires were emailed out on November the 4th to all registered candidates in the Hamilton electorates, candidates have been given two weeks to respond to the questions.

Hamilton East
BENNETT, David National Party
JACKSON, Robyn Conservative Party
KINGSBURY, Bruce Pirate Party of New Zealand
McKENZIE, Carolyn Democrats for Social Credit
MALLETT, Garry ACT New Zealand
MARRYATT, Nick Green Party response
ORGAD, Sehai Labour Party response
STEWART, Gordon New Zealand First Party
Hamilton West
CURTIS, Robert Independent
GREGORY, Pat Conservative Party
GUDGEON, Bill New Zealand First Party response
MACINDOE, Tim National Party
MORONEY, Sue Labour Party
PORT, Les Democrats for Social Credit
WIKIRIWHI, Tim Independent